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Reflection: My Body is Vibrant and Moves Easily

Depositphotos_19936305_original healthy bodyHere’s a Reflection to help you appreciate your body more fully.

My body is good to me. When I want to do something physical, I can.

Whether I undertake a simple task, such as lying down for bed at night, or a complex one, like playing an instrument or a sport, my body is vibrant and moves easily.

When I eat, I take a moment to feel gratitude for the nourishment. After all, food is the sustenance that keeps my body moving smoothly! Because I know that nutritious food and plenty of water help me feel most comfortable in my body, I make a point of eating well and staying hydrated.

I also get plenty of physical activity, which keeps me strong and flexible.

Because I regularly try new things in my fitness program, I frequently have opportunities to appreciate new ways in which my body can move. Plus, these exercises bring me energy, which is always welcome!

On some days, when I feel particularly energized, I take advantage of the moment and get some of my more physical tasks done. Doing my physical work when I have the most energy helps remind me of just how capable my body is.

Today, I trust my body to do whatever I ask it to do.

I am grateful for my good health and for the many ways in which I can move fluidly in the physical world. Because I value my vibrant body, each day I dedicate some time to taking care of my health and fitness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some things my body does easily for me every day?
2. In what ways do I nourish my health regularly?
3. Given fifteen minutes a day to do something beneficial for my body, what would I choose to do?

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