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Reflection: I Am Committed to Exercising Daily

Young Couple Running Along Winter BeachHere’s a Reflection to help you get into the habit of daily exercise.

Having good health is at the top of my priorities list, and I recognize that I need regular physical activity to sustain me. Therefore, I make it a point to get some exercise each day.
Acknowledging what is most important to me encourages me to plan my life around those established priorities. When I organize my days by first considering my priorities, I find that a commitment to regular exercise is necessary.

I have so many reasons to exercise:

• I want to enjoy good health
• I seek a strong body and a toned physique
• I want to have an attractive appearance

Even as I get older, I intend to be able to easily carry out physical jobs such as cleaning my home and taking care of the garden. For all this and more, I am committed to exercising daily.

Exercising every day makes me feel accomplished and strong. After I participate in some physical activity, I feel like I can take on the world, no matter what it brings. Daily exercise keeps my body, mind, and soul healthy.

Today, I feel proud of myself for my commitment to exercise. I renew my promise to myself to perform some type of physical activity every single day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is exercising on my priority list today? Why?
2. What am I committed to do each day, in terms of my priorities?
3. How can I ensure that I exercise daily?

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